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PVS14 night vision monocular digital night vision

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The PVS14 night vision monocular is the most popular night vision product ever made. PVS-14 night vision are capable of handling and excelling at almost any task at hand. PVS14 are small, lightweight, and work equally well mounted on an AR-15 rifle or mounted on your head for hands free operation. In addition to the fantastic performance and versatility, PVS-14 night vision are full Military Spec quality so durability and longevity will be the absolute best you can get and they are fully waterproof. 

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Tactical DLOC-PVS Quick-Connect Ring Mount For...

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Sotac PVS-14 Quick-Connect D-loc Mount Rail Adapter, quickly attaches a PVS-14 monocular night vision system to any MIL-1913 rail system without throw levers or any tools required.

In addition, the simple one-handed, pincher-type motion opens and releases the mount - easy to perform while wearing gloves or without.

This Summit Night Vision Accessory has adjustable ring mounting points allows a night vision device to be mounted closer to optics than any other known mounts and is compatible with 3X afocal magnifier.

Summit DLOC-PVS Quick-Connect Adapter is a lightweight Night Vision Accessory as well as robust, the mount stays on the PVS-14 while using on head or helmet mount.

Summit made this weapons mount for left-handed operation (right-hand standard).

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