Three different pieces comprise the system.  They can be purchased together or used individually depending on your needs. Two clamps can fit in one M-LOK slot.  We suggest mounting your light and switch for optimal placement and then mapping where you will use the Wire Guide System to get an idea for which pieces you will need.

Thru Clamp:  Has two channels for straight pass through along the length of the M-LOK slot

End Clamp:  Routes a single cable in a 180° turn around the M-LOK T-Nut

90° Clamp:  Allows a single cable to be routed in a 90° turn around the M-LOK T-Nut

Made in the USA with domestically sourced, high quality 6061 Aluminum, the WireGuides feature sublte Grip Rings to enhance traction and act as a quasi rail cover.  


Length:  0.6" (Thru Clamp), 0.75" (End Clamp, 90° Clamp) 

Width:  0.6"

Height (from rail):  ~ 0.19"

Weight:  ~ 5 grams each (with hardware)

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