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Made by  6068 Aluminium  

Fully Restored Original Aimpoint detials, full markings

upgrade Very Clear glued lens,  protetive cover included

Super Bright red dot, even under strong light enviroments, the red dot still very clear. without problem to aim

hold 550g impact force, no problem to use on GBBr/5.56 Cal

Fast mount:

Designed for Aimpoint Micro (H1, H2, T1, T2, CompM5) and other optics with Aimpoint Micro footprint, such as those found on many Sig Sauer, Holosun, Primary Arms, and Vortex Optics platforms.

The FAST Micro Mount comes with a standard rail-grabber clamp mount, but is designed to readily accept a drop-in American Defense Manufacturing patented QD Auto-Lock Lever (sold separately).  This mounting option will provide quick detach capability.

The FAST Micro Mount is built from 6065 Aluminum and Type III Hardcoat Anodized Black or FDE.

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C C 11/04/2022

It’s really nice can’t tell the difference

Camus 10/13/2022

The package arrived 1 week after the expected date. It does not come with the battery but that is normal. The red dot is very beautiful, it seems of very good quality. The color is beautiful. The red dot is very bright on max settings but not very bright on minimum (invisible from 1 to 3 in bright light). I will make another comment when I have tested it a little more.

Philip 09/06/2022

it is 100% worth the cost.

it is 100% worth the cost. Will be buying more in the future!<br />

Андрей Касутин 08/17/2022


Здравствуйте. Товар был отправлен сразу, но в связи с ситуацией в мире произошла задержка доставки. Само изделие пришло упакованным помимо почтового пакета в пластиковой коробке. На вид довольно крепкое. Батарейка в комплекте отсутствует. Точка чёткая и хорошо видна начиная с 4 положения подсветки. Стёкла чистые, изображение не деформируют. Единственное что не понравилось, это отсутствие переключения яркости с максимум в ноль. Придётся крутить колесо.

J***j 08/12/2022

he sight looks and feels very good,

Package was a little bit mangeld but the content OK. The sight looks and feels very good, Waiting for a base to try it out on my Beretta 301

Luiz Glo 03/03/2021

the best

As I said, I think the Aimpoint Micro T2 is the best replica sight available…

Evis Grey 03/03/2021


Amazing,I have to say you get more than you pay for! (if you’re looking for similar durability but competitive price tag, I recommend the Aimpoint T2 replica)

Loby Daniel 03/03/2021

Love T2 combo

I do love combo, especially this combo works very well since I can flip the other sights out of the way. I really like the setup but haven't fired it yet.All combos are very well made.

Jok Key 03/03/2021

Good customer services

Awsome product, easy to zero and install, long-lasting to use, and excellent customer service.

Jimmy Lee 03/03/2021


Asome ! Parallax free,clear red dot. I like to share this Replica Aimpoint T2,Nice

Alex 03/03/2021

Good service

In my opinion Aimpoint T2 has very well designed and built like a tank. Specprecion, once again has provided me with spot on good service! Thank You

Andrew Manners 03/03/2021

nice looking,good using

Aimpoint has provided optics to top .This is my second Aimpoint, the first one is real, Honestly the second replica confuss me from looking,it is perfect one same as my original

Iolly Mickee 03/03/2021


we will consider the price when we do want one,so that's why I prefer the perfect replica in amazing me even I was not serious treat it when I purchase it.Guys,You can try it !

Jackoo Lee 03/03/2021

I love it

For me with the long battery life, that is not needed and just more things that have transparently brightness,parallax zero,clear lens...Yes,I am lucky to have one

Franco Luis 03/03/2021


Woo...Perfect job, I actually prefer the brightness knob vs buttons because it’s gives you numerical value. There have 0-11 grade, You can memorize what setting you like for what conditions.

Michael Johnson 03/03/2021

the best replica

We all know the Aimpoint T2 is great but it is not competitive , not about the different but more money,finally I found you,the best replica...

Michael Johnson 03/03/2021

the best replica

We all know the Aimpoint T2 is great but it is not competitive , not about the different but more money,finally I found you,the best replica...

Maxes Million 01/11/2021


I bought a T2 with fast Micro Mount combo for my defensive rifle,It is really trustworthy

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