Max Output -- White Light 500 .0 lumens Tactical
Runtime: 1 .5 hours Batteries 2 123A (No included)
Runtime until output drops below 10% of maximum output Handguns and long guns with Picatinny or Universal rails.
Tactical light X300U Ultra LED Weapon Light for hunting free shipping This is Ultra High Output Version,
the head is longer than the standard one
Part No.: S-F-X300U-LED
Colour: Black
Compatibility: any picatinny with 20mm or Pistol Rail
Output: 500 lumen
Weight: 200g
Material: Aluminium
Package Contents:

Flashlight x 1pc
Hex key x 1pc
adapter x 1pc

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G****q 01/19/2024


all goods mga sir mahaba lang hahaa pero ok Naren pang EDC EASY TO USE mga tiger

o****t 01/17/2024

Top notch quality.

Top notch illumination.

s*****s 01/11/2024

The quality is second to none and the light output is incredibl

If you have not used a Surefire weapon light you owe it to yourself to try one! The quality is second to none and the light output is incredible... there is only one niggling drawback. While other manufactures have a light-action switch that allows the light to be switched to steady operation by pressing the switch one direction and switched to momentary operation by pressing the switch in the other direction. In contrast, the Surefire switch turns the light to steady burn by pressing the switch in both directions. This doesn't sound like a big deal until you try to use Surefire's momentary operation, which requires the switch to be pressed forward. This would not be a problem except that the switch is very stiff and can make it difficult to hold the gun on target. This is my second Surefire X300 weapon light and when I bought the first one I thought maybe the switch just needed to be used to loosen up, or maybe it was just my light that had the problem, but my original light never loosened up (another example of Surefire's quality) and the new one feels just like the first one. I'm use to it now so it's not as irritating, but if this is your first Surefire light it may take some getting used to. Having said that, I would not trade this light for any of the other products available... such is the quality and performance of this weaponlight!

z****t 01/11/2024

Absolutely the Best LED Weaponlight available!

Phenomenal light! Bright and as described! Can light up an entire room. Can be seen during the day. If outside a structure furring the day and you are peering into a dark structure it can still cast the light into the building from outside. Has a far enough throw for a pistol or an “pistol length” carbine. Attaches quick and securely. Extremely rugged. Come in box with a light, 2 batteries, other products pamphlet, user manual/warranty info pamphlet, and some parts and a sticker if your into that sort of thing.

s********u 01/06/2024

High quality

Bought this for use on my bedside HD weapon. Extremely easy to mount and actuate while gripping at the ready. Had just the light pointed at me in near darkness, turn on and it tool at least 12 seconds to begin to see again. Will easily temporarily blind someone. Also, it's so bright you can clearly identify a target and what's behind it. The only downside is it is not inexpensive.

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