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g***********3 01/11/2024


Fantastic light. fits perfect on my 4 inch FN 509. The controls are in great location for activation from support hand, and just as easy activation with trigger finger if needed. The controls are also very responsive. Quality is everything expected fo a Streamlight. the light is super bright and the beam throws very well.

a************p 01/07/2024

Streamlight perfection

Great weapon light for the money. Sturdy, bright, dependable with many mounting platform options.

a*******h 01/06/2024

TLR-7A great light for home protection

Bought the TLR-7A for home protection. I like the fact it does not extend past the end of the barrel, as the TLR-1 (HL, etc.) does. Obviously for LE, having the longer run time of the TLR-1 is important, but for home use, this one does nicely. Looks quite natural and balanced on the Glock 17. The on/off switch is very well positioned. I am right handed, but there is a switch on both sides for left handed people. The light is plenty bright for inside the home and the back yard. As many people have commented on, in a real emergency, you would not have the light on for very long so as to give away your location. The battery (included) is the beefy CR123 lithium style. (These are also used in many of the motion sensors used for home security, so if purchased in bulk, the price is reasoable

r*******h 01/06/2024

Great light !

This is a great light. Compact, fits well, and very durable. I didn't have it clamped on right at first so it fell off and the right side switch broke off but Streamlight took care of it after I sent it in and fixed it for free. Just make sure you are using whatever key necessary for your brand of pistol and make sure the bars line up with the grooves on your picatinny rail and it will stay on through recoil if tightened properly. Great light for the price !

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