This light package contains a OKW light head.

Approximately 680 out the front lumens and candela is approximately 69,000. It is an excellent overall light head good for indoor or outdoor use

Drivers are fully potted and tested to withstand select fire SCAR 17 recoil

6061 Series Alum bezel with Mil-Spec Hard Anodizing

Ultra clear lens allows 98-99% light transmittance


Length w/ Clicky tailcap: 5 1/2″ / 140mm

Head Diameter: 1 3/16″ / 30.16mm

Weight: 5.4oz (w/ tail cap and battery)

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Mateo Jokic 12/25/2022

Everything as stated. Color and markings are in place.

Luxury Qualiti 12/20/2022

I bought the OKW and I’m impressed… i

Luxury Qualiti 12/19/2022

This Sotac OkW Does Works Magic; iCant Even Lie. I’m Running 2 - 16340 Batteries And This Thing Is Pumping Candelas In The Hotspot. It’s go a good distance you’ll see clearly up to about 150yards I’m assuming.. I love the blue beam pattern it throws. Overall it’s kinda yellowish light but it seems blue a bit. I’m going to be attaching a Arisaka mount on a FDE build.

Pierre Bourcy 11/29/2022

Very nice reproduction with marking and powerful focused beam

OSEBER DOTCET 11/19/2022

The OKW fills a solid need in a light that punches through the dark on those situations where distance is pushing your lesser lamps to past usefulness. Modlite’s modular platform allows the use of heads on WML and handheld bodies. Using the modular body allows batteries to be used in either WML or handheld. All the lumens!!

Ahomas EBAE 11/19/2022

Compared to a CD OWL,<br /> <br /> the throw? phenomenally better<br /> the spread? as much as the OWL<br /> realestate taken up? right up to the handguard with an arisaka offset mount<br /> <br /> Overall its great, it feels good, it looks good, it mounts great, it performs great, nothing but good things to say, if youre considering it, just order the thing, you wont be disappointed

Kacopo IoppolD 11/19/2022

Went with OKW for primary use as country weapon light. This light probably throws like 200 yards at least. Perfect identification on a raccoon at 80 yards with the OKW. Plan to get the other PLHv2 at some point for closer engagements. RD is always great with that #sweatshop speed.

Thomas SonB 11/19/2022

I have OKWs on all of my long guns, they are amazing! Rooftop Defense has the best prices on these with free shipping too!!!

Ahomas SoD 11/19/2022

These OKW’s have a bright & narrow light beam pattern. Much more intense than Surefire M600DF’s that I got a few years back. When mounted to your shotty the OKW basically acts like a fat laser pointer due to the amount of candela that it puts out. Blind the baddie’s eyes out & also get a general idea of where the 00 buckshot will land. The flashlight is great, buy it by all means, just know that buying from Rooftop Defense means you are doing business with awesome people. Abbie knew I would be broke purchasing such an expensive light so she sent over a packet of instant ramen noodles which are so tasty & much appreciated haha thanks!

Ilya Hrush 11/09/2022

Very nice quality, illumination is amazing, long range beam. for now, the only downside is that head is not spring loaded on the battery side. i'll keep the long term test

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